The First

Equestrian Theatre

The Royal Horses of England

& Spain

Through words, music, humour and horsemanship this unique production comes to life

This unique NEW production,

The Royal Horse of England & Spain

is the lastest show.

It tells of how much influence the Monarchy have had on the development of our most treasured equestrian history. How our horses have shaped all our lives

in so many ways.

The intrinsic history England and Spain have shared, from Marriages of Moncharchy to War againsteach other and finally fighting togather and now at peacce.  

The many characters and their stories that have been carried on the back of a horse.

They have been our partners in work,

our companions in travel, our champions

in sport, our friends in leisure, Most

important of all, our saviours in our sanity.


& Spain’s history

Telling compelling stories about England’s relationship with the horse.

Words from

the show

.“To interest our esteemed audience, living

history is being  ridden before you, both the

grey stallions Invasor and Americano where

breed by Baroness Henrietta Bentinck the

first duchess of Northampton, whose ancestor

William Cavendish rode the very same

bloodlines in his riding house in the

17th century. The riding house at

Bolsover Castle, was built by The Duke Newcastle

for his equestrian masquerades which he

and Benjamin Jonson created for Charles I,

who with his royal entourage would travel

five days from London to be entertained.”